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OPE - Self Hosted Canvas LMS Server

OPE (Open Prison Education) - The easiest and most secure way to setup a self hosted, prison ready Canvas LMS for both offline and cloud use.


Corrections facilities have major logistical hurdles in trying to deliver modern education and classroom resources to incarcerated students. The goal of this project is to build education oriented technical infrastructure that is easy to deploy in offline and hybrid network environments. Greatly increased access to computing resources and educational materials will allow education to scale effectively even in prison constrained environments.

OPE High-Level Overview

Policies and Procedures

The success of any project that will go into a prison facilities relies on the buy in and implementation by all of the staff involved. In WA State, part of the aim of the project is to work with DOC to revise policies and establish procedures that met the security requirements of each facility. This includes checkout process, acceptable use, inspection process, and appropriate monitoring.